Conservatory Roof Replacement Northern Ireland

Transform your old conservatory from an unused space to a functional space all year round with Ultratherm! As home renovation experts, we offer a range of conservatory roof replacements and conversions that are perfect for any home.

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Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement Northern Ireland

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Save Money

A new solid conservatory roof can be up to 3 times more energy-efficient and cost-effective than your current glass or polycarbonate roof. The traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs commonly installed on conservatories throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have no insulation, causing temperatures within the room to decrease drastically in winter. An Ultratherm solid insulated conservatory roof will save money on your energy and heating bills, making it a perfect choice for conservatory roof replacement Northern Ireland residents trust.

Use The Conservatory All Year Round

Glass and polycarbonate roofs have no insulation, making your conservatory feel making the room unbearable and unusable for the majority of the year in the UK and Ireland. During the summer, your traditional conservatory roof acts like a greenhouse, causing temperatures inside the conservatory to soar and become uncomfortable, but with a new tiled roof, the room stays cooler during hot weather so you can make the most of your conservatory.

Improve The Look Of Your Home

As well as providing functional benefits, a conservatory roof conversion or replacement gives your home a fresh, modern look. We provide a range of styles and colours, making it possible to match any existing décor, blend with surrounding structures, or create an entirely new, eye-catching look. It stands as a testament to the best conservatory roof conversions Northern Ireland has witnessed.

Increase the value of your home

Replacing your glass roof with an Ultratherm solid conservatory roof will not only increase your home’s efficiency but will also add value to your property. You could increase the value of your home by up to 15% by replacing your existing conservatory roof with a beautiful new energy-efficient roof, making it the best conservatory roof replacement option available.

Fast & Hassle-free Installation

Our team typically replaces your current conservatory roof within 1-2 days. Most conservatory roof replacements don’t require planning permissions, but if it does, we can handle all the necessary building regulations for you.

Noise Reduction

Ultratherm solid conservatory roofs are 5 times thicker than a traditional glass roof or polycarbonate roof, giving them superior noise reduction capabilities. It is particularly beneficial to have a soundproofed conservatory roof if your home is near a busy road or railway or if you just want some peace and quiet in your home.

Secure & Safe

Insulated conservatory roofs not only provide energy efficiency and insulation, they also increase your home’s security. Your new roof is made from strong and durable materials with a 40-year guarantee on roofing tiles.

No Restructuring Required

Adding a solid roof to your conservatory will not require any changes to its existing shape or design, so you won’t have to worry about rearranging the layout or applying for planning permission again.


Look At The Difference

You can see the major improvement a Conservatory Roof Conversion has to the look and feel of your home. 

best conservatory roof conversions irelandbest conservatory roof conversions ireland
best conservatory roof conversionsconservatory roof conversions ireland
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Thermal Privacy Wall

To compliment your new conservatory roof, we offer the option to insulate and clad the sides of your conservatory. The insulated privacy wall is a fast and cost-effective way of transforming your conservatory into an actual room. The privacy wall is usually installed on the side of your conservatory closest to the fence or boundary. The wall is externally clad with UPVC matched to your existing conservatory frames. We then plaster skim the wall internally, giving you the option of a flush finish.

The wall is insulated with the latest in lightweight insulation. This ensures the wall has exceptional thermal performance to match the tiled conservatory roof. We also use external ventilation and a vapour control layer, meaning the new privacy wall will stay condensation free.


LED Spotlights

Lighting has a massive effect on the atmosphere and ambiance of a room, especially if you want your new conservatory to be a multi-use environment. We recommend LED lighting to complement your replacement roof, enhancing the atmosphere of the best garden studios. You can choose to have as many individual downlights as you want, and you can include dimmer switches or even have more than one switch to alter the number of lights that are actually on.

Roof Windows

Roof windows are a brilliant finish to your new conservatory roof replacement. These very modern products are very practical and give you an alternative option for ventilation and the added amount of light that they give the room.…
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Plaster Interior

Plaster Interior

Because the ceiling of a replacement conservatory roof is typically angled and high, the interior space that you’ll enjoy is often light and airy. Our skilled plasterers will finish your ceiling with a beautiful, smooth texture, ready for painting. Matte white seems to be the most popular colour.

Is your conservatory too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer? Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to request a free quote and feel a lot more comfortable in your own space.

Styles for your Conservatory Roof

conservatory roof conversion northern ireland
Gable End

The main feature of the Gable End conservatory is the continuous height it brings to the room, owing to the long ridge down the centre. The gable-ended windows also ensure you get maximum natural light into the conservatory.

best conservatory roof conversions ireland

The combination of a P-Shape conservatory can allow you to have two different styles of living spaces under one roof. These spaces are extremely adaptable to create a unique, multi-purpose room to your exact specifications.

conservatory roof replacement ireland

The Lean-To is ideal for maximizing space at the rear of the house. The roof ends can have either one or two hips (slopes), and it is an ideal solution for a kitchen extension.

conservatory roof conversion northern ireland

The Victorian style has heavy links to heritage, is extremely versatile, and usually has a three or five-facet finish. Comes with a wide range of tile finishes and colours.

conservatory roof replacement ireland
Double Hip Edwardian

The Victorian style has heavy links to heritage, is extremely versatile, and usually has a three or five-facet finish. Comes with a wide range of tile finishes and colours.

Conservatory Roof Tile Options

Choose from a typical roof style to match your home. There are various types of Conservatory Styles to choose from.



Ultratile is a Lightweight Roofing’s most popular profile for Leisure Homes, including Park Homes, Stables, Chalets & Camping Pods, and looks great on conservatory roofs.

Roll Tile

The Roofing lightweight Roll Tile is a classic British profile, now available with all the benefits that Lightweight Roofing systems can offer.

Plain Tile

Plaintile is the only tile to give a true characteristic of a plaintile appearance for your conservatory roof, providing an attractive and economical finish for all conservatory roof styles, even for vertical cladding.

Conservatory Roof Conversion FAQs

If you need any questions answered please contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

Yes, absolutely! Converting your conservatory roof to a solid roof will bring many advantages to your home. Not only will you benefit from having better insulation and improved privacy, but also you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round, whatever the weather.

Replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof is the most cost-effective and thermal-efficient way to get the most out of the space. You won’t incur any of the costs associated with planning permission, and you won’t need to worry about restructuring or redesign of the frame by changing your type of roof.

The cost of replacing your conservatory roof can vary depending on the size, shape and material used. Generally, you can expect to pay between £3,500 and up to £12k+ for a roof replacement depending on the size of your conservatory.

In most cases, you won’t need to get planning permission as a conservatory roof conversion is usually considered a minor construction project.

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