Ultratherm Rooms takes great pride in building the best garden studio in Ireland. With 20+ years industry experience, our designers promise excellent solutions for your homes and residential properties. Let’s collaborate and build a garden room for your dream home.

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Building Garden Rooms, Ireland

Garden rooms help improve your outdoor living experience, offering flexibility and functionality. Whether you desire a snug retreat, a home office, or a creative studio, garden rooms serve as a chic extension to your living space. These rooms seamlessly combine indoor comfort with a strong connection to the outdoors, resulting in a custom-designed space that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

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Choose The Best Garden Studio Style for Your Home

Ultratherm Rooms builds garden studios in a range of styles to suit different preferences and functional needs.

Pent Cabin

Most sought-after room design, featuring a sleek mono pitched roof. Perfect for an office space or a room dedicated to fun and games!

Apex Cabin

Classic style garden room comes with ample space inside. Making it perfect for setting up a home gym or lounge area!

Cottage Cabin

Designed as a guest cottage and includes a kitchenette or  bathroom. Enjoy complete privacy and comfort you deserve.

Custom Cabin

We adore personalization as it offers you the freedom to create a space that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle & preferences.

Why Hire Us for Engineering Garden Rooms In Ireland?

Ultratherm Rooms, renowned for their built-to-last quality, stands as the top manufacturer of garden rooms in Ireland and across the UK. Find out what more we have for you.

Garden Rooms Ireland

Bespoke Construction

Our commitment lies in our exceptional craftsmanship, utilizing high quality and sustainable materials. At Ultratherm Rooms, we do not simply source building materials. We meticulously construct the materials in our purpose-built factory, which also features an onsite showroom. This allows our customers to test out and view the garden rooms in Ireland before making a purchase. We also provide actual footage of your modules being constructed prior to shipping.

Quick Installation

Ultratherm Rooms promises fast installation, ensuring your garden studios in Ireland are set up within 1 to 2 days at the location of your choice.

Our skilled team handles the installation, so you can rest assured that the process will be efficiently managed.

To make things even better, our rooms are constructed from compact prefabricated sections, eliminating any concerns about messy construction or access requirements on your part.

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Modular Design

Ultratherm Rooms stand out from other options available in the market. The kit is adaptable during the initial construction phase, allowing for the movement of window and door locations right up until the day of installation.

You can even step inside the garden studios on the day of construction and make adjustments to their desired lines of sight by simply moving the window.

We have engineered our Pods to accommodate changes in requirements that may arise in the future. Whether it’s a few years down the line or even sooner, if you wish to modify your Pod by adding an extension or a kitchenette, we can return to your location and rearrange the layout of your garden rooms in Ireland endlessly. 

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Have a look at out finance options and spread the cost of your new home improvement.

Why Build Garden Studios In Ireland?

Transform unused gardens into your desired space! Whether it’s a home office, a home bar, a games room, or a gym, the possibilities are endless with us. 

We only use top-quality materials, all ethically sourced and manufactured at our factory. At Ultratherm Rooms, we believe in creating durable structures. In most cases, the garden rooms are exempt from planning permission. 

So you can simply sit back and enjoy. Once you’ve chosen a style and size, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Visit our showroom in Ireland and explore the options. 


We have standard specifications but there is alot of additional upgrades that you can choose from to have your Garden Room exactly how you want it .

Standard Spec

Our Simple Five Step Order Process

If you need any questions answered please contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

1. On-Site Survey

We offer a free, no-obligation site survey where one of our team will come to you, take measurements of the space and discuss design options.

2. Product Selection

We have a multitude of design ideas and samples to help you choose the right fit and use for your Garden Room?

3. Choose Extras

Build it your way…. Create a unique room for our extensive list of options.

4. Off-Site Prefabrication

Ultratherm Pods are built in our purpose-built factory, to your exact specifications.

5. Delivery and Construction

Our team of specialists will have you enjoying your new Ultratherm POD in 3-7 days.

Get Your Free Quotation Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garden rooms, also known as outdoor rooms or garden buildings, are versatile structures that can serve various purposes while adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. They come in a range of styles including Pent Cabin, Apex Cabin, Cottage Cabin, and Custom Cabin.

Check our showroom to view them!

Our Ultratherm Rooms are constructed using top-quality material, responsibly sourced and pressure treated. These rooms come with double-glazed windows and reinforced flooring. 

For more information, contact us.

Usually, garden rooms do not need planning permission. We recommend you to verify compliances with your local planning authority. You can also read our blog for more information.

Indeed, our garden rooms are eco-friendly. They are constructed using sustainable materials and their impeccable design that emphasizes utmost energy efficiency.